”There is more than one musical truth. But there is only one musical essence. to posit a truth takes conviction, to release the essence takes patience and insight. Camiel Boomsma possesses a rare gift for this”

Upcoming performances


3feb14:30Private recitalSunday, 2-3-2019, time: 14:30, Zwolle, The Netherlands
7feb13:00Recital City Music SocietyThursday, 7-2-2019, Time: 13:00, City Music Society: West Smithfield, London, UK
8feb19:30Recital Steinway HallFriday, 8-2-2019, Time: 19:30., St Mary Perivale, London, UK
17feb15:30Solo recital KamermuziekcyclusSunday,17-2-2019, Time: 15:30, Theo Driessen Instituut: Helmond, The Netherlands


3mar01:00Chambermusic festival AmsterdamSunday, 3-3-2019, Time: t.b.a, location: Amstelkerk Amsterdam, The Netherlands
21mar - 22All DayAlbum recordingFriday and saturday, 21-3-2019 and 22-3-2019, Westvest90, Schiedam, The Netherlands


7apr01:00Recital Schouwburg KunstminSunday, 7-4-2019, Time: 11:00, Schouwburg Kunstmin: Energiehuis, Dordrecht, The Netherlands