”There is more than one musical truth. But there is only one musical essence. to posit a truth takes conviction, to release the essence takes patience and insight. Camiel Boomsma possesses a rare gift for this”

Upcoming performances


17nov20:00The innermost side on tour: LucaskerkSunday, 3-11-2019, time: 20:00, Lucaskerk, Winkel, The Netherlands


8dec16:00The innermost side on tour: Kamermuziek HengeloSunday, 8-12-2019, time: 16:00, Kamermuziek Hengelo, The Netherlands
15dec15:00Chopin and Club Classique: Pianoconcerto No.2Sunday, 15-12-2019, time: 15:00, Klamuze, Noordwijk, The Netherlands
19dec18:30The innermost side on tour: Pianoseries, the Bösendorfer sessionsThursday, 19-12-2019, time: 18:30, Waalse kerk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


23feb01:00Chopin and Club Classique: Pianoconcerto No.2Sunday, 23-2-2019, Time: 11:00, Schouwburg Kunstmin, Dordrecht, The Netherlands