Multiple prizewinner Camiel Boomsma makes name as a soloist with a broad repertoire, from Bach to newly composed work. As a recitalist he also creates programmes which includes lesser known composers.

In his recitals he makes unique historical connections between composers such as Chopin, Liszt, Beethoven, Debussy, Fauré, Wagner, Arensky, Rachmaninov.

The press describes his playing as sensitive, penetrating and profound.

‘Boomsma aims for the magic and the grandeur
of Wagner’s music’

Ed Spanjaard

Upcoming performances


9jul01:00Solo recital castle Keppel09-07-2017, time: t.b.a, Castle Keppel, Laag-Keppel, The Netherlands


10aug19:30Recital Steingreaber Haus Bayreuththursday, 10-08-2017, time: 19:30, Steingreaber Klavierhaus, Bayreuth, Germany


17sep15:00Chamber music recitalSunday, 17-9-2017, Het Cenakel, Tilburg, The Netherlands
30sep01:00Recital Klassiek aan de RijnSaturday, 30-9-2017, time: 20:15, Klassiek aan de Rijn, Rhenen, The Netherlands