In the end, music is about revealing the soul of the composer, the music and yourself. Only when I reach out to you, the listener, music becomes meaningful.  This is an act of vulnerability, but in vulnerability lies so much beauty and expression. We experience this in our daily lives. To find harmony between myself and the music, to communicate and to truely open up to the meaning hidden in the music is something I strive for in every performance.


‘Boomsma puts his audience in supreme concentration’

Upcoming performances


11mar16:30Radio 4Sunday, 11-3-2018, Time: 16:30, Hilversum The Netherlands
23mar20:15Pianoduo recital ''Wagner and Debussy''Friday, 23-3-2018, Time: 20:15, Westvest90 Concert series, Schiedam, The Netherlands


13may11:00Pianoduo recital ''Wagner and Debussy''Friday,13-5-2018, Time: 11:00, Toonzaal, Den Bosch, The Netherlands
27may12:00Lied recitalSunday, 27th of may 2018, time: 12:00-13:00, ConcertenVlissingen, Vlissingen, The Netherlands