– Mission. –

Discovering music’s innermost side

Music has an inside where one can find the essence. Camiel Boomsma approaches every piece from this vision. He looks for the deepest, the invisible, the elusive. The innermost side of music.

His story, his vision

Camiel Boomsma is on a mission. He wants to commit to the inside of music. The innermost side. There one can find the essence of music. The outside – craftsmanship and virtuosity –only serve a higher purpose: to touch the inside of music. Every piece he plays is about this search, this understanding of the innermost side.

Camiel’s life is dedicated to this search for the inside. Romantic music is the core of his repertoire in his journey. He wants to find that what can only be felt. It’s the language with which he wants to move and enrapture his public.

He sees himself as the bridge between composer and listener. From that
conviction he looks for the essence of what a composer tries to tell us. That essence can only be found in the depths of a musical work. It’s a long search, full of obstacles, which leads to the innermost side, which eventually shows us the invisible.

As far as Camiel Boomsma is concerned, his mission will always remain a mission. The innermost side of music has no ultimate goal. It’s a continuous search.

”He knows how to illuminate the inner sanctum of the music”