Chopin and Rachmaninov

Program for season 18/19.

Chopin Nocturnes Op.27 No.2, Op.55 No.2 and Op.48 No.1
Chopin Impromptu Op.51 No.3
Chopin Polonaise-Fantaisie Op.61

Rachmaninov Moment musicaux Op.16
I. Andantino
II. Allegretto
III. Andante cantabile
IV. Presto
V. Adagio Sostenuto
VI. Meastoso

Rachmaninov and Chopin both belong to a unqiue tradition. Chopin being the founder and pioneer of a new approach to the piano, Rachmaninov being the maintainer of this tradition. It is however fascinating to hear the great contrast between the composers. Both composers had a very personal soundworld, and had their own way of expressing sensitivity, pride, majesticness and passion..