Chopin and Schubert:
the poets of the piano

Program for season 17/18 and 18/19.

Chopin Nocturnes: Op.9 No.1, Op.27 No.2, Op.55 No.2, Op.62 No.1, Op.48 No.1 (Selection)
Chopin Impromptu Op.51 No.3
Chopin Polonaise-Fantaisie Op.61

Schubert Sonata in B-flat major D960
I. Molto Moderato
II. Andante Sostenuto
III. Scherzo: Allegro vivace con delicatezza
IV. Allegro ma non troppo

Chopin and  Schubert wrote in a similar way for the piano. Both composers have a intimate, poetic, and highly personal quality in their way of composing. They cherish a sense of brave nobility and sad melancholia.This program explores Chopin in all the stages of his life. From the early years with his Opus.9, to the middle and late years with his  Op.48 and Op.62.

In the last of Schubert ‘’three piano sonata’s’’, the Sonata in B-flat major D960, the intimate and the epic come together. The sonata is visionary in it’s grand scale and precedes Bruckner’s symphonies. Despite Schubert’s early death he expresses a deep understanding of life. In this matter Chopin and Schubert are yet again similair in their personalities. Their music is imbued with a sense of eternal longing for love and goodness.