– Innermost side–

Innermost side

The way Camiel Boomsma perceives and performs music has inspired him to this statement and leitmotif of his playing: the innermost side. This vision reflects not only his own perspective but also resonates with the press and the public.

The innermost side is a definition of Camiel’s musicianship. Part of the project is a number of albums in collaboration with Challenge records with music that reflects his personality and vision: poetic and profound.

The 1st album consists of music by Schubert and Liszt, on the 2nd album, Chopin’s 2nd piano concerto is the central work in collaboration with the North Netherlands Orchestra, alongside solo works, and the 3rd album is again dedicated to Franz Schubert, one of Camiel’s favourite composers.

Next to these recordings, Camiel will release a number of artistic projects. The first, to appear in October 2019, is a film-portrait project. A number of artists of different disciplines will explain and show their innermost side in conversation with Camiel. In the end, all real artists look for the same: the ‘innerside’ of their art.

Every album is consciously accompanied – altough entirely self-contained – by these special projects to underline The innermost side as a leading theme in Camiel’s musicianship and artistry. It is a creative and artistic way of making a statement. Not by judgement, but by connecting and by trying to show the continuous search that defines the life of an artist.

Camiel Boomsma’s choice of music that is exemplary for his vision.

”He grants the music the time to pierce into the soul of the listeners”