Book publication

This fall Camiel will publish his book ‘Brieven Aan De Meesters’ in collaboration with Uitgeverij IJzer. Several chapters have been published in podcast form on Spotify and for NPO Radio 4. ‘Brieven Aan De Meesters’ is a collection of letters written to composers accompanied with poetic and personal reflections on selected pieces. Listen to the […]

New album recording!

A new album is set for 2021! Camiel Will record music of the forgotten Dutch composer Gerhard Hamm. Hamm was in his time one of the leading musical figures in the south of the Netherlands. With Venlo as his homebase he was a member of many musical societies. He composed a great deal of music […]

Stichting Mirantibus

Marieke Vos and Camiel started their own foundation ‘Stichting Mirantibus’ to realize their artistic plans such as album recordings, projects and concert series. Part of the foundation is the organization of a new concertseries ‘Mirantibus Concerten’ in Baarn, the Netherlands. for more information:

Chopin – Ballade No.1

Camiel’s performance of Chopin’s 1st Ballade can now be found on Spotify! Schumann considered this work one of Chopin’s finest, and so did Chopin himself. in structure it is one of his most refined works. It stands out as an epic story full of beauty and passion. Along with Chopin’s Ballade No.4, this is one […]

‘Boomsma paints with sound and color’

‘Camiel Boomsma has a beautiful touch and makes even a simple line colorful and full of layers’. [..] He creates hypnotizing moments’. […] Boomsma is a poetic interpreter’. Camiel’s playing was praised in a concertreview after his sold-out recital in the St.Jacobs church in Vlissingen on september 20th. This recital was the first of a […]

Podcast: Liszt and Berlioz

Episode 7 and 8 of the Podcast ‘Brieven’ (in Dutch) can now be found on Spotify! (Click here) in episode 7 Camiel writes a letter to the ‘prototype of the Romantic soul’ Hector Berlioz and shares his encounter with the music of this French giant. Episode 8 is dedicated to Franz Liszt, the first cosmopolitan […]

New recording: Brahms and Gliere with clarinetist Marieke Vos

Camiel and Marieke Vos perform an arrangement of Brahms’ song for voice and piano ‘Wie Melodien zieht es mir‘ Op.105 No.1, and Valse Trieste by Reinhold Glière. Recorded LIVE in concert on July 22nd during the NTR Avondconcert on NPO Radio 4. Click here to listen to the recording, or click here to read about their duo program.

Hommage a Rameau

Listen to Camiel’s performance of Claude Debussy’s ‘Hommage a Rameau’ from his Images book I, recorded live in concert on July 22nd during the NTR Avondconcert on NPO Radio 4!

Pärt, Mendelssohn, Moussault

Three new recordings can now be found online! Camiel recorded Arvo Pärt’s Für Alina, Mendelssohns Venetian Gondola Song Opus 30 No.6 and the new composition ‘Voorjaarsgroen’ by the young and talented composer/conductor Kent Moussault. Click here for Arvo Pärt – Für Alina Click here for Mendelssohn – Venetian Gondola Song Opus 30 No.6 Click here […]

Podcast: Richard Wagner II

Episode 6 of the Podcast ‘Brieven Aan De Maker’ (in Dutch) can now be found on Spotify! (Click here) in this podcast Camiel writes another letter to Richard Wagner and reflects on his opera’s Parsifal and Tristan und Isolde. In both opera’s Wagner has tried to express the psychological inner world of the characters. The […]